'68 Oldsmobile Toronado


The '68 Toronado was built in Lansing Michigan The '68 featured a softer suspension and major styling modifications

Identifying a '68 Toronado


Grill has honeycomb texture .
Retracting headlights are behind grills, which retract upward
Parking lights in ends of front bumper.
Oldsmobile Rocket in center of bumper.
Toronado script on drivers side grill.
Wipers hidden under hood edge.

Taillights recessed in back bumper.
Rear bumper is notched for exhaust tips on W34 only.
Backup lights in rear bumper on either side of license plate.
Toronado script on Right side
Gas filler behind gas door with Oldsmobile rocket on It.

Fastback roofline. with optional vinyl top
Toronado script between front wheels and door on front fender.
Cars with vinyl tops will have paint halo.
Slotted wheels either Chrome, painted silver or black with full wheel covers
Oldsmobile spelled out on small hubcap
Full wheel covers available
Rear marker lights in Rocket emblem on rear quarter Front markers built into parking light, which sets into wrap around bumper.


Instrument panel cantilevered over steering wheel, had drum speedometer, fuel gauge, warning lights for oil, temp and alt.
seats will have a pleated pattern. cloth and vinyl or all vinyl seating surfaces available
All models Toronados have black steering wheels, tilt telescope available
Instrument panel has black wrinkle finish with woodgrain trim panels
Dashboard more padded no sharp edges.
Ashtray receptacles in armrests front and back.
'68 Toronado front courtesy of Chuck Noppe
'68 Toronado rear courtesy of Chuck Noppe
'68 Toronado side courtesy of Jeff Daum