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A place to share information on parts suppliers used on your car, by generation and category. Thanks to member, ramair, for suggesting this!

In all posts, please enter the year of the Toronado that you are working on, the name of the part, the part number, the price you paid, if there were any issues, the company name, phone number, e-mail address and business address or website.
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In Mid September of 2010 I happened to see a repeat of the show where Jay Leno did his 66 Toronado and had an instant remission of the disease which resulted in my purchase of a 1969 in very good condition. I am now in the process of fully rehabilitating it and hope to have it on the road in the spring of 2011.
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Kanter Automotive

Postby xgecko » Wed Mar 16, 2011 11:26 am

I had an interesting experience with Kanter when I ordered the Front End Kit and Rear Brake hose. The total of these items was about $360 so when they told me the total was $358.80 I thought nothing of it. Their site also had a very visible Free Shipping offer that I was taking advantage of - or so I thought.

The problem is that I called my order in after starting it on the web site. Apparently the free shipping offer was only for web orders but they did not make this clear. Thus, when the parts arrived, the brake hose ($50) was missing and while I was not charged for it, they had charged me $46.80 in shipping. Initially they refused to refund the shipping, standing on their policy that it is for web orders only. They do not seem aware that their omission of the web only part meant they really had a problem if they were going to refuse it; both my CC company and my state AG consumer protection office seemed to think I had a strong case. Kanter seemed unwilling to acknowledge this... at least for a while.

Later, after Kevin at Kanter promised to take it up the ladder, he called and offered me the brake hose at no charge to offset the shipping. Now this is the way to take care of your customer! Sure, they would have been much smarter to do this up front, but in the end they took care of me, and that speaks well of them. I will gladly order parts from them in the future - of course, in this hobby, there are not many vendors so you always want to have as many options as possible so it is good they changed course.
I recommend them as good source of parts.
I have my Fuel Injected Toronado. Life is good! 8-)

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