Remote power locks added to '83 Toronado

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Remote power locks added to '83 Toronado

Postby rmftoro » Wed Jan 19, 2022 1:45 pm

I recently bought a low mile 1983 Toronado in Massachusetts. It's a great car, my 5th Toro, but I quickly tired of using the round-headed key to unlock the door. Remote lock technology wasn't offered in 1983, so I added it myself. You can do the same to your Toronado or any other car with power locks with parts available on Amazon.
I bought a basic keyless entry system kit and 3 standard automotive relays. Relays are required because the receiver is meant to signal the body module in a computer car, therefore it has no current capacity. It can easily close a relay, which draws low current.
The Toronado has the power lock relay behind the glove box, which is easy to remove. One new relay is used to lock the doors, the other unlocks them. The new relay is wired in parallel with the existing power lock (latching) relay so the door controls are not affected and the factory alarm still functions. The connection is made at the factory connector, then a new jumper was run to the factory relay where the plug used to connect. The 2 wires are blue and black.
The third relay is used to flash exterior lights in the front and rear, once for lock and twice for unlock. The connection to the front turn signals, cornering lights, and brake lights are done at the harmonica connector attached to the right side of the steering column. This same connector is used in many GM cars of that era and many more years. This is a difficult connection to make, and I never cut a single wire or used a t-tap. The factory wiring was never permanently modified, this way it can go back to original anytime.
The setup worked perfectly until the 15 amp fuse melted after locking and unlocking the car 3 times in succession. The solution was to install LED 1157 bulbs in the tail lights, 4 in all, to take about 4 amps off the circuit, but still provide enough current for the flasher to work.
The entire setup cost about $55. Installation is not recommended for someone without electrical knowledge and a manual with wiring diagrams. For me it was easy and I'm glad I did it. It's a first time project like this. If I did it all over I would have bought a version with a trunk release, and it would have been simple to connect.

PDL3.jpg (138.89 KiB) Viewed 1935 times

This is the keyless assembly being tested after being put together. Red is 12v fused feed, black is ground, brown is exterior lights, blue is lock, black is unlock.

PDL2.jpg (139.97 KiB) Viewed 1935 times

The system was mounted on the A/C plenum using Velcro. No holes were drilled. This is the view with the glove box removed.
The loose grey connector at the top is where the new relays connected with a jumper to the factory latch relay (jumpers not shown).
The factory PDL relay is behind the grey connector in the photo.

PDL.jpg (108.41 KiB) Viewed 1935 times

A view from underneath with the kick panel removed. The relays from left to right are exterior lights, unlock, and lock.

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Re: Remote power locks added to '83 Toronado

Postby bcroe » Sat Jan 22, 2022 8:46 am

Very nice, neat work. Bruce Roe

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